C.R.A.P. -The Clovenstone Rocketry and Aeronautics Project. This blog is to document and get feedback on the building of some hopefully epic water rockets. I’m building and testing these rockets with my girlfirends son, J, who is almost 6. On most of the launch videos you’ll probably see a bunch of other local kids that love to come and join in the countdown and get soaked by the rocket’s exhaust blast.

If you have any feed back or ideas for the designs of the rockets please comment. My aim is to get a rocket to fly reliably to 300 meters, recover with a parachute system, and record video/altitude data on it’s voyage. We are also considering a water rocket powered paper aeroplane too.

For the video and altitude data I’m currently thinking about using an Android based phone with a custom app to record gps data for location and altitude and film using the built in camera. Ideally it would also send me a text message when it lands with it’s exact location. Pipe dream? Probably!


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